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WABCO Code: 4461922100
With the new WABCO SmartBoard you can monitor and operate the trailer in a seamless way. The new WABCO SmartBoard can be connected to TEBS E5 or later version. Monitor and operate the trailer in a seamless way with a new WABCO SmartBoard.
About WABCO SmartBoard:
• The simple multilingual control pad allows the driver to access key trailer information and to operate available trailer braking and suspension functions even when uncoupled;
• A ruggedized device mounted on the side of the trailer is linked directly to the Trailer EBS or Trailer ABS;
• It enables access to data on axle load, mileage status, tire pressure and temperature, brake pad wear and Trailer EBS failure codes;
• It receives Trailer EBS error codes when the truck is not connected to the trailer helping to optimize maintenance schedules;
• It activates Trailer braking and suspension functions, such as WABCO’s OptiLevel™, OptiTurn™ and Immobilizer if available on the trailer.
It has improved design and features that will definitely improve the quality and speed of operations:
• Much bigger display;
• Wider temperature range – from -30° to +65°C;
• 8 buttons instead of 3 – improved usability allows quick and transparent access to the menus;
• Often used menu topics become favourites;
• New, improved battery slowing standard of transportation;
• Simple battery replacement without detaching the display;
• Flexible Installation vertical or 55°;
• All 18 languages are included to the firmware – EoL parametrization not required;
• Two versions: for ADR applications, a non-battery variant is available.
Size: 189 x 235 x 134 mm
Weight: 0.72 kg
UPC Code: 193133507109